Nov 11, 2008

what am i to you

i hate the way you say my name like it's something secret.
i am at the bottom of your lists,your lowest priority.
just like your back up call,i wait for your number to show up on my phone.
you managed to lure me into your trap with your sweet talk.
and i was stupid enough to fall for it.
this should be a table for two,but i have a feeling that we are not a couple.
meeting you may be the worst thing that has happened to me,
but i do not have the power to undo what is done.
so i pray to god to make you just a memory,
for i want my heart to be in one piece when i find out the truth.
to leave you in the past,i have tried.
but as i stepped out of this horrid drama,
you drag me back in to your arms and convinced me to stay.
in the comfort of your arms and a gentle kiss from your lips,
how could i resist.
hundreds of promises you have made,but none fulfilled .
and still i believe in the words you whispered in my ear.
have you ever loved me?
i know the answer.
but do you love me now?
is still a mystery yet to be solve.
only an idiot would give you a second chance,trust in you for the second time.
so call me an idiot,i know i deserve it.

here i am..
waiting for your call..
waiting for you..
waiting again...

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