Oct 25, 2008

realized our stupidity

realization has finally struck me.
we have at last accepted the fact that you have never treated me as a real friend.
we have been fooled to attend your masquerade,
in which you put on masks to trick human eyes.
you damage the hearts of others with your words of hate.
you swindle your way into the minds of others,
and brainwash them into thinking alike with you.
at this ball only people of higher rank are worth your kindness and fake smiles.
in your eyes all that is visible are the repays you will receive for your efforts.
whoever that has no value to you,you will criticize and stab their backs.
you do not listen to the reasoning of others fore you think only you are in the right.
and worst of all,the perfect person in your opinion is yourself.
we have realized our stupidity and said fair well to you.
as we leave your masquerade,the only souvenir we have is the memories of the misery and heartache you have caused us.
the people who stay at this horrid ball should be called idiots,
because that is the only word to describe people that have not seen through your disguise.


Anonymous said...

who is dat ? ?o bad ...

jinx / 靖 said...

a former friend