Nov 18, 2008

under 16 - 2008

the Ti Lian Ker cup (under 16 tournament) ended on the 16th of November.
after a week and a half of matches,the He Fa Wu Jing team rose as champions of the girls category and the Sukan Makmur team rose as champions of the boys category.

our 1st day of training was tiring because we had to run 2.4km,but besides that it was pretty lame training. the coach mostly concentrated on the boys only. our 2nd day of training was also quite boring,but at the end of the training we played a game with the boys. it was kind of like a free throw shoot out,and we won hands down. we only had 2 days of training because tournament was on the 19th,so that sums up the training.

after our last day of training. yoo....kunatan girl team like that de.

the night before setting off for Benta in Kuala Lipis,we had a sending off ceremony at Hoi Tin Lau. its just a normal dinner only,nothing special. we set off on wednesday morning to benta. the bus took detours to pick up and drop off passengers so it took us about 5 hours to get there.

the first thing we did when we got there was check in to the 'benta river view hotel'. then we went for lunch and took a nap. our first match was against bentong at 5pm. we lost. only sounds of soft breathing and the rumbling of cars that passed us by could be heard during our walk back to the hotel. losing our first match,can anything be more discouraging?

after opening ceremony.
our 2nd match was against lipis. we won hands down. with our spirits high we gambled,gang semi-rape all our teammates,had a pillow fight and played truth or dare. in the middle of our game of truth or dare,the electricity went out. so instead of staying in the dark and humid room,we went outside. we talked for a couple of hours before returning back to the darkness of the hotel. by that time it was already the wee hours of the morning,so everybody drifted into sound sleep in the matter of minutes.

the electricity was still out when we woke up at noon. the weather was getting hotter. after going for lunch our coach forbid us from going anywhere. we had to stay in the hotel and rest. but it was like being in an oven in our hotel room,so some of us had to result to taking off our shirts just to prevent ourselves from fainting. our 3rd match was against raub. we won again. after the boy's match,our sponsor brought us to dinner. well fed we went back to the hotel with smiling faces. we decided to have an organized pillow fight complete with fouls and penalties. we recorded it down(only available on a few handphones). at 11am our coach confiscated all our handphones,because our match was scheduled at 9am the next morning.

our final and most important match was against cameron highlands. sadly,we lost. as we sat beside the court with our heads down,our coach lectured us. totally aware that we are in the wrong,nobody spoke back to him. our eyes just remained fixed to the ground,unable to find the courage to face him. after discussing a time for future training,we were dismissed. we packed our things and left the hotel for the bus stop at 3pm. our early departure resulted in our absence during the boy's finals and the closing ceremony. we waited...waited...and waited. it was 4.35pm already and still no sign of any bus approaching. we have waited for one and a half hours,and waiting at that bus stop was no joy. the heat was practically cooking us alive. everybody started getting frustrated,so our p sao had no choice but to call up the bus company. it turns out the bus was only going to leave lipis at 4.45pm and it take half an hour for the bus to get to benta. we still had about half an hour to kill,so we went to the court to catch a glimpse of the final match. disappointed,kunatan boys lost. the bus finally arrived at 5.20pm. in the bus,as most of us were in sweet slumber,some of them were gambling away. we reached kuantan at about 9.30pm. we said our goodbyes and parted with heavy hearts.

Nov 15, 2008

the beating of my broken heart

i don't care what they say,i am in love with you.
this was what i told myself over and over again.
ignore the advices of fellow friends.
i believed that your heart was still mine.
i became vulnerable to you,
my heart was your's for the taking.
your flaws were invincible to me,
only your goodness shone in my heart.
it was obvious that the cons won over pros if i were to be with you,
but still it did not stop me from falling for you.
love is blind,
i believe in that saying now.

i can find a million reasons not to trust you,
but it only takes one to make me trust you.
all i wanted was your heart to be mine again.
"i do love you"
this was what you said to me.
was it sincere and true?
i doubt every word of it.

i knew i should not have gave you my heart,
leave my heart unprotected to a predator like you.
when i found out the truth,
can you hear the beating of my broken heart?
it has become weak and impaired,
in its dreaded state,
its beats has lost its rhythm.
i wonder how long would i still survive if my heart continues to get damaged.
teach me a way to close up from love,
and shelter my heart from further harm.

Nov 11, 2008

what am i to you

i hate the way you say my name like it's something secret.
i am at the bottom of your lists,your lowest priority.
just like your back up call,i wait for your number to show up on my phone.
you managed to lure me into your trap with your sweet talk.
and i was stupid enough to fall for it.
this should be a table for two,but i have a feeling that we are not a couple.
meeting you may be the worst thing that has happened to me,
but i do not have the power to undo what is done.
so i pray to god to make you just a memory,
for i want my heart to be in one piece when i find out the truth.
to leave you in the past,i have tried.
but as i stepped out of this horrid drama,
you drag me back in to your arms and convinced me to stay.
in the comfort of your arms and a gentle kiss from your lips,
how could i resist.
hundreds of promises you have made,but none fulfilled .
and still i believe in the words you whispered in my ear.
have you ever loved me?
i know the answer.
but do you love me now?
is still a mystery yet to be solve.
only an idiot would give you a second chance,trust in you for the second time.
so call me an idiot,i know i deserve it.

here i am..
waiting for your call..
waiting for you..
waiting again...