Nov 15, 2008

the beating of my broken heart

i don't care what they say,i am in love with you.
this was what i told myself over and over again.
ignore the advices of fellow friends.
i believed that your heart was still mine.
i became vulnerable to you,
my heart was your's for the taking.
your flaws were invincible to me,
only your goodness shone in my heart.
it was obvious that the cons won over pros if i were to be with you,
but still it did not stop me from falling for you.
love is blind,
i believe in that saying now.

i can find a million reasons not to trust you,
but it only takes one to make me trust you.
all i wanted was your heart to be mine again.
"i do love you"
this was what you said to me.
was it sincere and true?
i doubt every word of it.

i knew i should not have gave you my heart,
leave my heart unprotected to a predator like you.
when i found out the truth,
can you hear the beating of my broken heart?
it has become weak and impaired,
in its dreaded state,
its beats has lost its rhythm.
i wonder how long would i still survive if my heart continues to get damaged.
teach me a way to close up from love,
and shelter my heart from further harm.


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