Jun 11, 2009

stop giving excuses

what exactly is "our fate"?
with love,work and life itself,
most of us believe that our path has been lay out for us from the very beginning.
that our future is written in the stars or something.
it is not wrong to think this way,but i think it has a limit.
because a lot of people use this theory as an excuse to their uselessness.
unsuccessful people,losers and cheaters all together.
these people have this mentality that it is their destiny that they are what they are today.
because it is much easier to just blame it on the gods for our failures,right?

it is much easier to put the fault on lady luck for bumping into your girlfriend's best friend when you were making out with another girl in the hall way of some club.
it is loads easier to blame genetics for failing every subject you took for SPM,because you were just not born smart enough.
it is a hundred times easier to put the blame on the injustice of humans when you lose your final match in a basketball tournament because of the referee.

i say it's all bullshit.
grow up and take responsibility of your failures.
if you don't want to get caught cheating,then don't cheat.because prevention is better than cure.
if you want to pass your tests,just study harder. because you have a brain just like everybody else,so use it.
if you want to win,train more. rise up to the challenge,because if you are a great player even the chairmen of the tournament can't make you lose.

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