Jun 26, 2009


18th of june 2009
i arrived at Jengka for the sukan remaja kontigen tournament.
a 6 day event.

20th of june 2009
i received a text message from mother,it read
"Jesus called your small tortoise to heaven today"
tortoise are hardy creatures,they don't just die like that.
maybe it was just sleeping.

21st of june 2009
i received another message concerning my little tortoise,it read
"your tortoise is confirm dead,its shell is broken"
a sudden sense of worry went over me,how could this be?
still i refuse to believe the words written on that message.

22nd of june 2009
yet another message was delivered to me about my poor tortoise,it read
"it's not moving,do you want me to bury it"
anger rose over me.i replied
"don't do anything until i get back"
it can't be dead.
i was still in denial.

23rd of june 2009
the second i reached home,i ran up to my room.
there it laid,it was definitely dead.
i felt scared and devastated.
i wanted to cry,but couldn't.
if i did'nt see it with my own eyes,i would not have believed it.
i confirmed it's death and buried it.

may you rest in peace,my little tortoise.


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