Dec 13, 2008

holiday job

i manage to get a job as a u-mobile promoter. hu-ray for me!!

27th - 30th nov 2008
the first road show was at giant. at the same time celcom,maxis and digi were also doing road shows. it was tough competition. my friends and i were under the company "uniqphone".
first day,i only sold 2 simpacks. that was when i realized i really suck at selling stuff. but i still had some fighting spirit in me,so i did not give up.
second day,although still dreadful,but i did slightly better with 5 simpacks sold. after work that day,our boss(the boss of uniqphone) treated us supper at a restorent at taman tas. our boss gave us a kind of pep-talk and promised us he will double our pay if we reach our target the next day,which is 100 simpacks. yes,we were under quite a lot of pressure considering we only sold 33 simpacks that day and we were only a team of 3,but we were still very determined to meet that target.
third day,with the help of our boss' personal salesman(he was like a super simpack selling machine),we almost met our target. we sold a total of 91 simpacks. although we did not really meet the target,our boss still gave us each rm100 pay for the day. we,in our happy mood which results in good appetite walloped down our supper at high speed at 'duku langsat' courtesy of our boss again. another pep-talk was given by our boss and our new target also. not suprised,he wanted us to sell off all the remainder simpacks,which was about 180 of them. although i was already prepared for it,but somehow it was still a bit hard to believe that he would really give us such a high target.
forth day,the last of the road show there. it was like a mad house that day,with simpacks and registration forms flying all around the place. but believe or not,we managed to sell off all 180 simpacks. we were treated to western food that night and got our rm100 pay for the day again. well fed plus a bit richer, i went home i happy soul that night

. uniqphones promoters
diane baobei

4th - 8th dec 2008
second road show was at kuantan parade and pikom pc fair at berjaya megamall. this time we were under another company "LB mobile".
first and second day,i was stationed at kuantan parade while all the top salesman were sent to megamall. honestly,those two days were a real dull affair. very few people go to kuantan parade means very few customers. luckily we got to go to bintang walk on the night of the second day,if not i would not have sold a single simpack that day.
third day,i was stationed at megamall. because some of the top salesman were not doing that good over there,our boss decided to put us there instead. the place was hustling and bustling unlike our previous venue. so we managed to produce quite a decent sales report that day. funny,for some reason our boss was very pleased with me,poo yien and ya lun. maybe it was because we sold almost 50 simpacks that day. but honestly,i did'nt do much,mostly i just stood around. wondered why our boss gave me a bonus too,which was rm20(wakakaka). i guess it literally pays to have great salesmans as friends.
forth day,megamall was in its usual packed state. it was the last day of the pc fair,so everybody was doing their last minute pc stuff shopping while we continue to sell our simpacks,everybody went on with their merry the end of the day,we passed up yet another satisfying sales report,150 simpacks sold. after packing up everything,we went up to "aluha" for karaoke,courtesy of our big big boss. although our eardrums were severely damaged,but we had a great time there.

group picture!! group picture at aluha!! yien diane baobei

fifth day,we were stationed back at kuantan parade again. everybody was practically bored to death. luckily we finished work early that day and went to "sushi king" for dinner,courtesy of our boss. have you ever been to sushi king and you could order what ever you liked and did'nt have to care if the bill sky rockets? that day was a HAPPY day.

the picture of happiness

22nd dec 2008
the u-mobile teh tarik crew visited teluk chempedak and kemaman kopitiam(the 1 oposite of megamall)
we started work in the evening. if you ask me,both venue were crappy places to have a road show. at tc the wind was so strong that it was practically blowing us off course when approaching customers. but it did'nt make much difference since there were'nt many people there to sell to anyway.
at TC ,our hair are all messed up because of the wind

then after 10pm,we set off to kemaman kopitiam,another idiotic place. when we arrive there(around 15 promoters),it took us i think about 5 minutes to finished selling to everybody there(including the workers). as the dj continued to rock the place,we went on foot to pursuit the next potential location for selling our simpacks. we went as far as our feet could go,we managed to sell a few more before heading back home.

group picture!!
DJ,only 20 years old leh...

well besides,
rejected by customers,getting scolded by customers,embarrassed by customers,arguing with customers,being shooed by customers,pressured by our bosses,working long hours,leg pains and headaches it was a great holiday job. love my bosses and vicky jie(our nai ma). all in all,i had a lot of fun working with everybody.

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