Apr 24, 2009

hari keusahawan

every year our school will have a 'hari kantin' where each class has to set up a stall and sell some kind of food. but there is some changes this year. 'hari kantin' become 'hari keusahawan' and instead of all the classes setting up stalls,it has changed each cocuriculum units set up a stall.

me,jun wei,bunny jie,edrene,foong yee and swee ching were in charge of the basketball club's stall. we sold wedges,popiah and fried ghost. we were only allowed to start selling at 10.10am,but somehow the students managed to get out of class early and were already queing up by 9 something.

the que infront of our stall was already building up. everithing was sold finish by 11am. that day's minus our modal,our total profit was only rm130. not much,but i guess its still ok.

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